Kuhn Rikon 3916 EPC-807 Pressure Cooker Review - MUST READ

Kuhn Rikon 3916 Review

Are you looking for a medium size, top of the line pressure cooker? Well the revolutionary Kuhn Rikon 3916 Pressure Cooker is sure to bring your days of waiting and searching to an end.  With over 200 reviews and priced below $200 (see lowest price), this is a pro level pressure cooker.

The Kuhn Rikon 3916 can save you time – so that there’s less of a rush between getting home and putting on the hob when you have a big meal planned but not enough time to properly prepare it, which reduces a lot of stress when the guest of honour is your boss; money – as more ingredients and a larger proportion of those ingredients are used up when pressure cooking e.g. economical cuts of meat don’t have to be thrown away as they won’t go tough when cooking, allowing you to save your money as every pork chop, beef rump or ham hock goes a lot farther; and in fact, the Kuhn Rikon 3916 can also save you up to seventy percent of the energy used to cook your food by the more conventional methods (saving you more money on this front too – gas money no longer just goes up in the air), allowing you to experience the true benefits of having such a helpful appliance tagged as ‘Energy Efficient’.

The high quality cast of the 18/10 stainless steel ensures a safe non-toxic environment for your food (even under heat and duress) that allows it to be cooked quickly with minimal risk of losing nutrients, minerals, vitamins, colour, aroma and moisture in meat. The solid aluminium core in the base of the Kuhn Rikon 3916 pressure cooker ensures that heat is spread evenly throughout the pressure cooker when cooking so that, unlike a microwave, you don’t have to remove the parts of your meal that are scalding hot (microwaving also removes moisture) and re-heat the other bits that are stone cold.

Benefiting from a new generation system (quite literally – Kuhn Rikon is a family company), the Kuhn Rikon 3916 makes use of the ingenious cone-shaped lid that causes less of a disturbance in the kitchen than more traditional pressure cookers; less steam is released (which in turn causes a reduction in sound) and the higher surface area to volume ratio means that the pressure cooker cools down more quickly than the other makes and models that may be out there.

Our Kuhn Rikon 3916 Review

I’ve had my Kuhn Rikon 3916 for six years now and never once have I had an issue with it; using the safety mechanisms, automatic lock, cone-shaped lid, steel and aluminium casting etc. The five quart capacity is more than ample for our small three person family (I get ten servings out of the pressure cooker every time I use the full five quarts – especially with liquid based foods such as soup).

I also recently downloaded the DUROMATIC app; it helps me get the exact results I want from my pressure cooker (and I thought it couldn’t get any better), all I have to do is tell the app what ingredients I’m using, and how they’re cut (chopped, diced etc.) and the app tells me the correct pressure level, liquid needed to cook and cooking time – the app also makes use of a built in timer that is activated at the end of cooking so that I always get the optimum results from my pressure cooker – a revolutionary way of thinking indeed.

With a spring-loaded precision valve, integrated automatic lid locking and five separate safety releases (also a part of the new generation system) so that you never have to fret or take extreme precautions to prevent being harmed by your pressure cooker, the Kuhn Rikon watches out for you; giving you and your family members peace of mind.

And just in case the automatic locking lid, spring-loaded precision valve (to give an accurate reading of the pressure) and five separate safety releases doesn’t reassure you enough, perhaps the ten year warranty that the Kuhn Rikon 3916 is covered by will – with the faith Kuhn Rikon have in their product and the reassurance that should anything go wrong, you will have a working pressure cooker for ten years at the absolute minimum – I know for sure that it’s reassured me.

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Kuhn Rikon 3916 Best Features

  • 18/10 Stainless Steel Casting with Aluminium Base, I can’t tell you how many meals have been saved because the Kuhn Rikon 3916 pressure cooker is formed from two different metals that are safe, and conduct heat both easily and evenly (especially the aluminium – the even distribution of heat at the base of the pressure cooker is critical to the even generation of steam) – no more trying to sort out what’s hot and what’s not; I simply put it all into the Kuhn Rikon 3916 and when the cooking time is up, all that’s left is to plate up, serve and enjoy!
  • New Generation System, five different safety features, automatic locking lid, spring loaded precision valve and innovative cone-shaped lid that causes less of a hassle in the kitchen, whether it’s being wary about the steam that might come shooting out of the appliance on the stove, or the fact that other pressure cookers are so loud that you can’t even hear yourself think – the new generation system from Kuhn Rikon removes these problems and then some (the cone shape of the lid also allows the metal to cool down more quickly so that it’s safe to handle in a shorter amount of time and can also be washed virtually straight away, leaving you with less scrubbing to do).
  • 10 Year Warranty, to have such an amazing kitchen aid under protection, for me, just puts my mind even more at ease, as I know that the Kuhn Rikon 3916 is very reliable.

Pressure-Cooker-Pros-LogoThe Kuhn Rikon 3916 firmly scores a place on our top 5 pressure cookers. It’s a great model, and we love the fact that the manufacturer has thrown in an unbeatable 10-year warranty. That’s one less thing to worry about, right?

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Kuhn Rikon 3916 Pressure Cooker Conclusion

From a revolutionary way of thinking about and building pressure cookers, to the traditional benefits of pressure cooking and maintaining the aromas, colours, nutrients, minerals, vitamins and moisture in your food; the Kuhn Rikon 3916 offers you everything you could ever want from a pressure cooker? Why don’t you invest in one and see for yourself?

Kuhn Rikon 3916 Review
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The Kuhn Rikon 3916 is a marvelous pressure cooker, and firmly scores a place on our favorite pressure cookers list. It has everything you could possibly need, and has a safety warranty too!

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