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Pressure cooking in 2019!

I’m still here! I know it’s been a long time since I posted anything new, but yes I’m still around. Life has taken a few turns and I’m much busier than I was a few years ago when I started this.

But I’m still as passionate about Pressure Cooking as ever! Probably even more so since I have so much less time for meal prep than I used to. And let’s face it…our beloved pressure cookers are still the fastest, easiest way to put a great meal on the table in the shortest time possible.

Pressure cookers haven’t changed too much since I last posted, but there have definitely been improvements, and of course there are now more pressure cookers to choose from than ever before. Coming soon will be updated reviews of some of the older models, along with new reviews of however many of the brand new models I can get my hands on.

I have a bunch of new recipes to share, plus info on cleaning, common-sense safety tips and more. I’ll also be putting up a new section with manuals and repair info, so stick around there’s lots more to come.

Along the way I’ve found many people, both online and in person, who love pressure cooking just as much as I do. Some even more, if that’s possible. It turns out that one of my dear friends is crazier about pressure cooking than I am. She’s also a writer and is thinking about starting her own blog. But until she starts her blog I’ve invited her to guest post occasionally here on Pressure Cooker Pros. I’ll introduce her in my next post. You’re going to like what she has to say, and it will be great having some help around here.

Now if I could just get some help in the kitchen…

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