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Best Pressure Cooker Cookbooks


Looking for the best pressure cooker cookbook?  We’ve got the top 10 best selling cookbooks on right now!  We try to keep this list as up to date as possible…..if you have a suggestion, please contact us!

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Cookbooks first stemmed from a collection of recipes for complicated food – as in that time, simple dishes were ignored, or dismissed. The first recipe compilation was called ‘De re coquinaria’ and was written in Latin in the 1st Century; although recipe books from different parts of the world have been recovered from different time frames e.g. ‘Daz buch von guter spise’ circa 1350 and al-Warraq, in the early 10th Century.

From that time period to now, a lot has changed about cookbooks, they’ve evolved and adapted along with the rest of the world and so, not only do they reflect the introduction and almost melding of different cultures, but also the new and innovative methods that we use to cook our everyday food.

One method of which is Pressure Cooking, the method of cooking food under high pressure to retain moisture, nutrients, vitamins, flavours; and make use of economic cuts of meat.

Among the various Pressure Cooker Cookbooks out there, here are my top 10:

#10 – Pressure Cooking Properly Explained

Pressure Cooking Properly Explained

I’ve found Pressure Cooking Properly Explained by Dianne Page to be especially helpful, not only does it have recipes for soups, meat, poultry, vegetables, preserves, fish and meals specifically for one person; but the author also clearly lays out the advantages to pressure cooking, how to choose a good one (although I hope we’ve done a good job on this website), how to use the pressure cooker, adapting recipes and, especially important, how to take care of your pressure cooker so that it stays in tip top condition. In paperback format, it costs less than $6 and is great if you’re watching a budget.

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#9 – Great Fast Food

Although Great Food Fast by Bob Warden, does indeed have a lot of useful tips, great recipes and nutritional information, and it is straying from the traditional format, I really would have liked to have seen a Table Of Contents or something similar to give the book some structure, instead I find myself stumbling around blindly wondering how you can go from Tortellini and Meatball Soup to Five Alarm Chilli, then back to Broccoli and Cheese Soup. I know it’s kind of a petty thing to call this book out on, especially with all the great information provided, shopping lists and all the rest, but personally it’s something I find very hard to overlook. ‘Great Food Fast’ costs a little under $15 as a paperback.

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#8 – Hip Pressure Cooking: Fast, Fresh and Flavourful

From the owner of hippressurecooking, Laura Pazzaglia, a new pressure cooker cookbook has been conceived and carefully crafted. Hip Pressure Cooking: Fast, Fresh and Flavourful not only sums up why people like pressure cooking in the title, but also very helpfully splits the recipes into very clear-cut categories – soups and stocks, eggs, vegetables, dried beans and legumes, pasta and sauces, grains, meat and poultry, fish and seafood, one-pot meals, desserts and preserves and juicing. For a hardcover copy, Hip Pressure Cooking: Fast, Fresh, and Flavourful costs a little under $20.

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#7 – Blue Jean Chef: Comfortable Under Pressure!

Meredith Laurence offers up 125 recipes and takes care to offer more than 100 explanations and tips in her brilliant book Blue Jean Chef: Comfortable Under Pressure!, yet despite the title fails to give the level of reassurance that first time pressure cooker users need. Although just under $20, the sheer amount of tips and tasty mouth-watering recipes will make your purchase worth it.

Click here to look at the Blue Jean Chef: Comfortable Under Pressure! on…

#6 – The Easy Pressure Cooker Cookbook

Diane Phillips’ The Easy Pressure Cooker Cookbook is a must-have for any first time pressure cooker user with a family that includes young children. I don’t know many cookbooks that adapt themselves to a baby’s needs but this one does, and superbly too, provided that you don’t have an electric pressure cooker and can lessen the amount of liquid in the chilli recipes; but for just over $18, The Easy Pressure Cooker Cookbook is still a bargain.

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#5 – Real Food Real Fast Pressure Cooker

Real Food Real Fast Pressure Cooker

At little over $16, the Miss Vickie’s Real Food Real Fast Pressure Cooker cookbook written by Vickie Smith is ideal for anyone with a pressure cooker that goes on the hob and wants nothing more than to create simple, delicious meals using ingredients commonly found in their pantry, and with dishes such as Almond Orange Poppy Seed Cake and Meat Broth, Miss Smith shows that it’s possible to perfectly balance ingredients on a budget and still have good quality, healthy and filling food. Some of the recipes in this book are quite advanced, but I find a challenge is always healthy for the stay-at-home Moms and Dads who love to cook up delicious food!

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#4 – The Everything Pressure Cooker Cookbook

In contrast to some of the other pressure cooker cookbooks discussed thus far The Everything Pressure Cooker Cookbook is written specifically for use with an electric pressure cooker but still allows you to experience some great food. For just slightly more than $10, Pamela Rice Hahn has compiled the perfect recipes that can be used for any and all situations, if you’re trying to impress then try the Halibut in Black Olive Sauce, or if you’re celebrating something in a little more of a familial environment then why don’t your test your hand at whipping up a Peanut Butter and Fudge Cheesecake?

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#3 – Cooking Under Pressure

Cooking Under Pressure

Cooking Under Pressure (written by Lorna J Sass and typically sold at just under $16) is the perfect way for beginners to experience the joys of pressure cooking while having a range of simple to more challenging recipes allowing you to improve your cooking skills and gradually feel more comfortable with your pressure cooker. Helpfully opening with tips and tricks to make your pressure cooker tick, and troubleshooting at the end of the book, Cooking Under Pressure is the needed confidence boost allowing you to get to grips with your new pressure cooker with little to no effort at all. Her vegetarian alternative Great Vegetarian Cooking Under Pressure is also worth looking at.

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#2 – Pressure Cooker Perfection

Renowned for controversial responses, I’m one of the people who actually like America’s Test Kitchen and I think that Pressure Cooker Perfection (just over $13) gives a brilliant range of recipes that fully use the pressure cooker’s full potential, the introduction about why you should pressure cook is a bit useless if you’ve already got one though.

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#1 – Miss Vickie’s Big Book of Pressure Cooker Recipes

Miss Vickie’s Big Book of Pressure Cooker Recipes

Vickie Smith has done it again AND she’s even managed to cater for owners of both electric and stove-top pressure cookers, what more could you ask for? With an index that spans 11 pages Miss Vickie’s Big Book of Pressure Cooker Recipes will have you trying new and familiar recipes that you love time after time – and for just a little more than $15!

This recipe book has everything you could possibly need. You’ll learn how to cook delicious meat feasts, as well as controversial recipes that you may not have come across before. Vickie has done an outstanding job of catering for every consumer, and even businesses.

I once met a business owner who solely relied on this book to cook new dishes for customers. They would explore a different recipe each day, and put them to trial in way of the eaters voting. They soon created several signature dishes – all based on this book!

Click here to look at Miss Vickie’s Big Book of Pressure Cooker Recipes on

So why don’t you go over and take a look at those cookbooks right now, I’m sure you’ll find the one for you!

Don’t have a pressure cooker yet?  Check out our pressure cooker reviews today!

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lynn says December 31, 2015

Just wondering if you ever used Bob Warden’s Slow Food Fast book? It was his original book and I was wondering how it compares to Great Food Fast? Observing his foods on TV, I like the looks of the original one better, but wondered which to get by someone who has actually read them both.. thanks!

    Elizabeth says December 31, 2015

    Hi Lynn,

    I have not, but I will check it out – thanks!

Piper says January 29, 2016

I have heard a lot about pressure cooking, but so far haven’t done it myself. I do have a crockpot that I absolutely love! But for Christmas I got a pressure cooker from my aunt, who swears by it. And I’m on the lookout for ideas and recipes. Glad I came across this site. Will definitely be checking out some of these books. (I haven’t even taken it out of the box yet….yikes!)

    Elizabeth says January 29, 2016

    Pressure cookers are like crock pots on steroids. Definitely check out some of our recipes – we are expanding that category soon.

Sandra says April 3, 2016

Thank you for asking I do like the cook book but there are so many kinds have to figure out what to put it on cook to cook in probably going to buy some more books

    Elizabeth says April 4, 2016

    Thanks Sandra!

Becky says October 25, 2016

My difficulty is finding an electric pressure cooker cookbook with a mac and cheese recipe. I would have thought this would be in every book but it is hard to find lol Can you help me out?

Barbara says February 28, 2017

Are there any Pressure Cooking books that contain information specific to small pressure cookers or the new pressure pans? I have a Fissler 6 qt. cooker and a 2 qt. pressure pan, but do not know how to use the pan. Thank you.

Harry Procina says March 6, 2017

Had the Chicken tonight and it was great.

Vatey says May 24, 2018

Wow! Thanks for this complete line of great brands for pressure cookers! I have been planning to buy one, thank you for this great info.

    Elizabeth says July 23, 2018

    You’re welcome! I’m glad you found it helpful!

marie connolly says June 11, 2018

after reading the review I bought the Miss Vickie’s book of pressure cooking recipes. i wish you had mentioned that it has no photos – I would’t have bought it had I known. I think it would be a good idea to let people know so they can decide not to buy if it doesn’t suit them. .

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