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You have a pressure cooker, but you’ve started to notice that your sealing ring is starting to get old, worn, smelly, and deformed. What do you do? Well, you can easily purchase a new sealing ring for your pressure cooker!

Replacing your old sealing ring is incredibly simple and can quickly be done once you’ve bought a new sealing ring. It’s as easy as one, two, three!

But do you know what sealing ring is the best for your pressure cooker? There are so many different sealing rings that you can find on the market today, so finding the one that will work for your pressure cooker can be difficult.

This article is going to discuss some of the best sealing rings that you can find on the market to help you get a better understanding of what you’re looking for.

Silicone Sealing Ring and Pressure Cooker Gaskets for 6-Qt and 5-Qt

silicone sealing ring and pressure cooker gaskets

This sealing ring is made from 100 percent safe food-grade durable silicon that is also odor resistant. This set of sealing rings fits onto many models of Power Pressure Cookers including, but not limited to, the XL (5 or 6-quarts), IP-CSG60, YBD60-100, and many more. In this package, you’ll get a set of five sealing rings (one sealing ring and four pressure cooker gasket rings).

The inside diameter of this sealing ring is 8.7 inches, and the outside diameter is 9.5 inches, so make sure that this sealing ring matches the size of your pressure cookers’ previous ring.


  • Durable silicon ring
  • Odor resistant
  • Easy to install
  • Set of five rings


  • The new ring that you get won’t fit as snug as the old ring

2-Pack of Presto Pressure Cooker Sealing Ring/Gasket & Overpressure plug

presto pressure cooker sealing ring

These silicon rings are perfect for your Presto pressure cooker. You should use these rings when you start to notice the old ones beginning to deform or when they are hard and inflexible, per Presto’s instructions. These pressure rings are made from high-quality, durable, food-grade silicone. These rings work for Presto 09936, 09904, and various other models as well. The outer diameter or these rings are 9.5 inches, and the inner diameter is 8.5 inches. These rings are dishwasher safe.


  • Works for a variety of Presto pressure cookers
  • Durable
  • Dishwasher safe


  • There are some reports of these rings not fitting the models that are specified in the listing, so be wary

Silicon Sealing Ring and Pressure Cooker Gasket + Universal Replacement Floater & Sealer

power pressure cooker sealing ring

These sealing rings are made from high quality, durable, flexible, food-grade silicone. The inner diameter measures 22 cm, and the outer diameter is 24 cm. These are perfect replacement rings for part accessories that have become deformed on Instant Pot pressure cookers and no longer hold pressure.

These rings are compatible for 5- and 6-quart pressure cookers. Make sure that you’re comparing the size of these rings with the size of your old rings before you purchase them to make sure they will fit your pressure cooker.


  • Durable
  • Made from food-grade silicone
  • Fit 5- and 6-quart Instant Pot pressure cookers
  • Perfect replacement parts


  • There are some reports that these rings only fit new models of the Instant Pot, not old ones

Fagor Pressure Cooker Replacement Sealing Ring

fagor pressure cooker replacement sealing ring

These are perfect replacement parts for your 10-inch diameter Fagor pressure cooker sealing ring when the old one has become worn out or when elasticity is lost. They are made from high-quality, durable, food-grade silicone. To ensure that these sealing rings fit your Fagor pressure cooker, make sure to measure the old gasket and compare it to the size of these.

The inner diameter is approximate 9.5 inches, and the outer diameter is approximately 10.5 inches. Your pot should be about 10 inches in diameter for these to fit.

These rings fit many single unit pressure cookers, including Rapida, Rapid Express, Duo, and more.


  • Easy to use
  • Made to be durable
  • Fit most Fagor pressure cookers


  • Doesn’t fit 4, 6, or 7-quart single unit pressure cookers
  • Can only be used on Fagor pressure cookers

Final Thoughts

Sealing rings are important when it comes to your pressure cooker; without them, your pot won’t work properly. You should replace your silicon ring every 18 to 24 months or when the ring has deformation or is inflexible. Make sure to read your user manual to figure out what sealing ring your product requires before you purchase one.

Before purchasing any of these sealing rings, make sure that you measure the size of your old sealing ring – both the inner and out diameter. Then you should compare that size with the new one you’re looking into purchasing, this way you’ll know if the new sealing ring will fit or not. This is very important to do every single time that you purchase a new sealing ring.

With all of this in mind, check out your sealing ring to make sure that it’s working properly, so you know if you need to purchase a replacement part. Then do your research to find out which replacement sealing ring is best for your pressure cooker.

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Mark says January 21, 2020

Presto 304 is a bit of a family heirloom and parts are not available. Sealing ring is 8.5″ od x 7.85 id and about 1/8″ thick. I was going to try some other brands from Amazon but the specs aren’t all there and I found the pressure cooker pros. You must have an idea for this.
Thanks for your guidance

    Elizabeth says March 18, 2020

    I am not familiar with that specific part, but from your description it sounds like it’s just a flat ring. If so you could probably make your own from a food-grade silicone sheet. Look on ebay for silicone sheet gasket material. Good luck!

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Cindy says January 23, 2020

I am searching for a replacement rubber gasket for my 1986 Cuisinart C 86-24 6 Qt stove top pressure cooker. The part number is # A795-98. Cuisinart does not support it any longer. Can you give any help? I love my cooker, and just need a gasket. Thank you! Cindy

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