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Pressure Cooker Fryer Reviews

Pressure cooker fryer reviews are amazing kitchen appliances that have the capacity to cook meals in a variety of ways. If you are looking to air fry, slow cook and pressure cook your food. Then start looking at the functions included in a pressure cooker fryer.

If you are looking for the best pressure cooker fryer, a great option is the Ninja Foodi OP301 Pressure Cooker, Steamer, & Air Fryer. Although it takes up a lot of space in your cabinet or on your countertop, you will love all the different ways you can create great tasting foods in a matter of minutes.

Even if you are an avid pressure cooker user, you may not realize that there are pressure cooker fryers that combine a pressure cooker and a pressure fryer into one.

Pressure cooker fryers give you so many more capabilities than regular pressure cookers, since you can cook your food with the pressure cooking setting and then switch over to pressure frying / air frying to make the food crispy on the outside.

There are multicookers, which usually function as a pressure cooker, rice cooker, yogurt maker, steamer, and other pressure cooking methods; but pressure cooker fryers are unique and provide you with a way to cook using the most popular method right now, air frying.

Ninja Foodi OP301 Pressure Cooker, Steamer, & Air Fryer 6.5 Quart Review

ninja foodi op301 pressure cooker

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If you have at least four to six people to cook for most nights, and not much time to meal prep, then this Ninja Foodi is your best option for a fryer.

The is perfect for large groups of people and those that have counter space. Even though it is 6.5 quarts, which is not the absolute biggest pressure cooker fryer, the unit itself is big and heavy.

So, it’s not an ideal piece of equipment to have in your kitchen if you are cooking for just yourself or two people.

Storage is hard with this pressure cooker because of it weighing twenty-five pounds.

This pressure cooker does not have any serious issues besides the weight.

Ninja is a well-known and recognized brand for quality, so you can trust that it is reliable.


  • It comes with two lids; one lid for pressure cooking and one lid for pressure frying.
  • Purchase includes a ceramic-coated basket and stainless steel rack.
  • It is UL safety certified.
  • It has a slow cooker setting.


  • It weighs 25 pounds and is large in general.

Emeril Lagasse Pressure Cooker, Air Fryer, Steamer, & All-in-One Multi-Cooker 6 Quart Review

emeril lagasse pressure cooker

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This cooker fryer by Emeril has an LCD digital display, which has to be the most significant benefit.

Most pressure cookers have only a few cooking pre-set buttons. However, the Emeril Lagasse Pressure Cooker Fryer has 44 pre-sets because they are on the digital LCD screen instead of used as labels on physical buttons.

If there were a deal-breaker with this pressure cooker fryer, it would be that it is huge and heavy. Storage is not going to be easy or ideal, so plan to make space if you decide that this is the best pressure cooker fryer for you.


  • The cooker has a high-tech LCD screen digital display.
  • There are 14 built-in safety features.
  • It has a warm mode.
  • The stainless steel cooking pot is dishwasher-safe.


  • There are many parts to clean.
  • The cooker, accessories, and all of the parts take up the space of an entire cabinet.
  • The included instructions are not very specific.

T-fal Programmable Pressure Cooker, Pressure Fryer 6 Quart Review

t fal programmable pressure cooker

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Compared to the other two pressure cooker fryers we reviewed, this one is smaller and lighter. It is much easier to put away in a cabinet if needed, and takes up less counter space.

This is also one of the cheaper options. Some other pressure cooker fryers go for almost $200, but this one stays close to the $50 range.

There are not as many pre-set cooking options as on this pressure cooker, but it still works great, which is what really matters.


  • It has a 24-hour delay start.
  • The power cord is detachable.
  • The cooking pot is four-layer ceramic and non-removable (stainless steel inner pot is removable).
  • The cooker is lightweight, weighing just over twelve pounds.
  • It is not expensive.


  • The directions are not very clear.

Benefits of Pressure Cooker Fryers

Pressure cooker frying is the most innovative way to fry your food. The method has been around for a long time, just using different equipment.

The pressure frying process uses much less oil than what you would use for deep frying.

Instead of dunking your food in a whole pot of oil, which is not healthy when it goes into your body, only a small amount of oil is added with the ingredients so that when the pressure begins, it fries all the food quickly.

Many pressure cooker fryers have an air frying function. This is very similar to pressure frying and uses pretty much the same technique.

Do not try to pressure fry in a regular pressure cooker. Not all pressure cookers have the correct technology and setup for pressure frying, and you will ultimately cause the pressure cooker to break or an accident to happen.

Another benefit of using a pressure cooker to fry food is the easier it will be to clean after frying. Deep frying gets extremely messy and gets greasy oil everywhere, but if you are pressure frying, you are using much less oil, so there is less of a mess to be made.

Pressure Cooker Fryer Reviews – Best Pressure Cooker Fryer

If done correctly, using a pressure cooker to fry foods can save you time and effort. In general, frying food takes significant preparation and focus. Go about deep frying the wrong way, and your food will not cook all the way through, or you can cause a grease fire.

Frying with a pressure cooker takes time off of the overall process because it uses pressure to cook and fry the food completely.

For functionality reasons, the Ninja Foodi OP301 Pressure Cooker, Steamer, & Air Fryer is the best pressure cooker fryer. If you want to learn more about it, visit the product information on Amazon or read through these pressure cooker fryer reviews we discussed.

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