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Microwave Pressure Cooker Reviews

A microwave pressure cooker is a nearly instantaneous way to cook rice, vegetables, or beans in a fraction of the time it would take on a stovetop, but the choices don’t stop there. Virtually any recipe you can make in a standard pressure cooker, you can also make in a microwave pressure cooker.

So, where do you begin? How do you know which microwave pressure cooker is the best for you?

Today, we’re going to review some of the best microwave pressure cookers to help you navigate through finding the best microwave pressure cooker for you.

How a Microwave Pressure Cooker is Different than an Electric Pressure Cooker

You may be wondering why you would need a microwave pressure cooker instead of a traditional electric pressure cooker.

The biggest difference between a microwave pressure cooker and an electric pressure cooker is how quickly a microwave pressure cooker heats compared to an electric pressure cooker. The electric pressure cooker needs a small amount of time to preheat and come up to temperature to begin cooking, whereas a microwave pressure cooker begins cooking immediately when the microwave begins.

Microwave Pressure Cooker Reviews

Best for the Money - SilverStone 3.4 Quart Microwave Pressure Cooker

silverstone 3.4 quart microwave pressure cooker image

For less than $50, this microwave pressure cooker is our pick as best for the money because of its quality design. Not only does the pressure cooker hold over 3 quarts of contents, but it also comes with a steamer plate to quickly steam vegetables. There is a smart-design ventilation lid that keeps the contents pressurized until heat and steam need to be released. The pressure cooker is made from BPA-free material that makes it safe for microwaving. The pressure cooker is also dishwasher safe, making cleanup quick and easy!

Editor’s rating: 3.9 out of 5

Most Affordable - Handy Gourmet 2.5 Quart Microwave Pressure Cooker

handy gourmet 2.5 quart microwave pressure cooker image

It doesn’t get more affordable than this microwave pressure cooker by Handy Gourmet which is why we have listed it as the most affordable option. For simple, quick, and effective recipes, this pressure cooker gets the job done. Quickly and easily cook rice, pasta, beans, vegetables, or your favorite small roast in this microwave pressure cooker.

To make this pressure cooker even more affordable, it includes a measuring cup, recipe book, and a spatula! This microwave pressure cooker is also dishwasher safe.

Editor’s rating: 4.2 out of 5

Best Overall - Nordic Ware 2.5 Quart Microwave Pressure Cooker

nordic ware 2.5 quart microwave pressure cooker image

We have picked the Nordic Ware 2.5 quart microwave pressure cooker as the best overall because of its large size, quick cook time, and ease of use. Virtually all meat, vegetable, grain, or pasta can be cooked in 30 minutes or less. You will need a microwave with a height of more than 8.5” so that the pressure cooker fits into the microwave.

The 2.5-quart pot holds 3 pounds of meat, making it the perfect size to cook small pot roasts in a fraction of the time. The pressure cooker also comes with a small recipe booklet to help you prepare some of the most popular dishes that are made using the pressure cooker.

Editor’s rating: 4.2 out of 5

Best Overall Runner-Up - Kuhn Rikon 2.5 Quart Microwave Pressure Cooker

kuhn rikon 2.5 quart microwave pressure cooker image

It was a tough decision trying to decide between the two best overall microwave pressure cookers. The size, cooking time, and ease of use are virtually the same between this pressure cooker and the Nordic Ware pressure cooker.

There is a pressure release valve to relieve the pressure when it has gotten too high and a pressure indicator to show you when the pressure has released. The handles on the side fold out and secure the lid in place during cooking. Included with the pressure cooker is a recipe book that includes 40 recipes. When it comes to the best overall microwave pressure cooker, this Kuhn Rikon is a close second.

Editor’s rating: 4.1 out of 5

Best High-End - Tupperware 2 Quart Microwave Pressure Cooker

tupperware 2 quart microwave pressure cooker image

Don’t let the 2-quart capacity fool you. This pressure cooker holds more than you think! For a higher price point than most of its competition, this microwave pressure cooker is the best high-end option if you are looking to spend a little more than average. You may be asking yourself, “Why would I want to spend more than I need to?” which is an understandable question.

The quality of the microwave pressure cooker is the first feature we noticed with this microwave pressure cooker. While the material is not dishwasher safe, it is sturdy and durable to reinforce that it is microwave safe. There are also two pressure valves to regulate the pressure and notify you when the pressure has released.

Editor’s rating: 4.5 out of 5

Buying Guide - What to Look for in a Microwave Pressure Cooker

As you can see, no two microwave pressure cookers are the same. Each has different features that set them apart from the rest, so how do you know which one is the right one for you?

Here are some features to look for to help determine if that microwave pressure cooker is the right one for you.


Some microwave pressure cookers have a small 2-quart capacity, while others hold a larger capacity over 3 quarts. You will need to make sure the size of the pressure cooker can fit inside the microwave you have, as some pressure cookers are taller or wider than others.

Dishwasher Safe

Not all microwave pressure cookers are dishwasher safe. Typically, even the non-dishwasher safe pressure cookers are easy to clean with soap and water, but it’s understandable if you want to toss the pressure cooker in the dishwasher after using it. Make sure you verify the pressure cooker is dishwasher safe before purchasing it.

Microwave Material

Some pressure cookers indicate the materials they use are BPA-free. BPA is a chemical used to make some plastics. BPA can seep into foods when they are microwaved in a plastic container that is not BPA-free. If the microwave pressure cooker you are looking at is made of plastic but indicates it is BPA-free, you can rest assured knowing your food will not absorb the dangerous BPA chemicals.


Microwave pressure cookers are often a preferred method of pressure cooking because of the quick cook time. Unlike electric pressure cookers, where you have to wait for the pressure cooker to come up to temperature before beginning the cooking time, a microwave pressure cooker cooking time begins the minute you start the microwave.

With relatively large capacities, microwave pressure cookers can prepare meals you would have never thought possible!

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