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Imusa Pressure Cooker Reviews

Imusa pressure cookers are known for their high quality, functionality and for making delicious meals.

Most Imusa pressure cookers have little to no problems. A few of their larger pressure cookers, such as the 7 Quart Imusa Stovetop Aluminum Pressure Cooker and the 22 Quart Imusa Jumbo Stovetop Pressure Cooker, are the best Imusa pressure cookers for large crowds and commercial services.

Most Imusa cooking products are reliable and stay intact for years. Their smaller rice cookers, for example, will last almost forever if you clean them regularly.

If Imusa rice cookers work fantastically, then you can assume their pressure cookers work equally well since rice cookers and pressure cookers have similar setups.

Replacement parts for Imusa pressure cookers are easy to find online. Some parts, like pressure regulator valves, you might have to buy from a different manufacturer other than Imusa. Universal parts for pressure cookers are common.

Generally, Imusa pressure cookers are highly durable and resistant to time.

Depending on which Imusa pressure cooker you buy, the seal on the lid may have air leaking problems. This is a common occurrence in their stovetop models of pressure cookers.

If you have any problems, such as an air leak, you can try calling the manufacturer for a replacement pot or parts.

Imusa USA Stovetop Aluminum Pressure Cooker 7 Quart

imusa usa stovetop aluminum pressure cooker

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This Imusa pressure cooker is the best cooker model for cooking chili and beans.

You can make many other delicious foods with it, but it tends to work best for chili because of the size, shape, and distribution of heat when cooking.

Being lightweight is always a bonus because once the food is inside, it weighs almost double what it weighed when empty.

Some pressure cookers, when they come out of the box, weigh up to 25 pounds sometimes, which is super heavy if you think about adding several pounds of food – that is over 30 pounds to carry!

Overall, the 7-quart Imusa Aluminum Pressure Cooker produces perfectly cooked food, but sometimes air leaks are a problem.


  • The pressure cooker lid is safety locking to prevent a premature opening after cooking
  • 7-quart size is large enough for serving up to about eight people
  • There are no complicated cooking programs or settings because it is a stovetop pressure cooker, not electric
  • It works great for making chili!
  • It is very lightweight; it weighs 5.4 lbs


  • Air leaks are common, sometimes at the handle, which is fixable
  • There is no repair kit for sale for this model of Imusa pressure cooker, but a few individual parts are available online

Imusa USA Jumbo Stovetop Pressure Cooker 22 Quart

imusa usa jumbo stovetop pressure cooker

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This Imusa Pressure Cooker is called “Jumbo” for a reason. You can use it as a commercial pressure cooker because it makes a massive pot of food.

A pressure cooker this giant may not be a good idea for cooking dinners at home. However, if you are a business owner or you plan to host significantly large social events, this pressure cooker is your best option.

It is also super easy to clean, so you do not have to worry about struggling to clean out the giant pressure cooker after making all that food.


  • The pot is polished aluminum
  • The side handles are “cool-touch” to prevent burn injuries and to make the transfer from stove to countertop easier
  • It is effortless to clean
  • Replacement parts for this pressure cooker are readily available online
  • It has a whistle


  • 22 quarts is very large for a pressure cooker; this could be considered a commercial pressure cooker

Imusa Aluminum Pressure Cooker 4.4 Quart

imusa aluminum pressure cooker

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This 4.4-quart Imusa Aluminum Pressure Cooker is one of the cheapest cookers by Imusa.

4.4 quarts is not the absolute smallest pressure cooker available online, but it certainly will not feed a group of five people; you should expect that this pressure cooker will only feed three, maybe four, people comfortably.

This is a potential find for people who like to meal prep throughout the week. It is the perfect size for a week's worth of lunches for one person.

Those who are looking for a smaller appliance based on cupboard and counter space in their kitchen may prefer this pressure cooker.


  • It is an ideal pressure cooker for smaller groups of people
  • Takes up a smaller area in your kitchen


  • It is a smaller pressure cooker
  • The material is aluminum, not stainless steel

Imusa USA Electric Stainless Steel Bilingual Pressure Cooker 5 Quart

imusa usa electric bilingual pressure cooker

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Most Imusa pressure cookers are for the stovetop, but this 5-quart pressure cooker is electric.

Whether you use a stovetop or electric pressure cooker relies solely on personal preference; one does not work significantly better than the other. Electric and stovetop pressure cookers just have different types of features.

The benefit of using this electric pressure cooker over one of Imusa’s stovetop pressure cookers is that you can adjust the time and pressure.

You can also use this as a slow cooker whenever you want instead of as a pressure cooker.

So, if you buy the Imusa Electric Pressure Cooker, you can rid yourself of that old slow cooker you have in your kitchen and save space for other new pieces of cookware you might want to buy.

This pressure cooker certainly has a better appearance and much more capabilities than stovetop Imusa pressure cookers.


  • You have the choice between red or black colored accents for the cooker’s exterior
  • The exterior is stainless steel
  • It has bilingual instructions, programming buttons, and menu options
  • It works great for meats
  • The bottom of the pressure cooker has non-slip feet that keep the cooker sitting securely on your counter


  • There are not many pre-programmed cooking settings

Imusa Pressure Cooker Reviews Summary

Imusa pressure cookers rarely have any issues, and when they do, you can replace the parts for cheap.

A great pressure cooker, whether it is a stovetop or electric model, should never bring you dissatisfaction or frustration. Your pressure cooker should save you time in the kitchen.

There are many Imusa pressure cooker reviews for you to look at, but you should have confidence in the brand because their products are reliable. The best Imusa pressure cooker is the 5-Quart Imusa USA Electric Stainless Steel Bilingual Pressure Cooker.

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