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Copper Pressure Cooker Reviews

Copper cookware has been a top choice of chefs because of its ability to transfer heat efficiently and evenly. Some pressure cookers use copper-clad bottoms or a copper disc base to enhance their efficiency and cook high quality meals in no time.

There are at least three great copper pressure cookers for sale. Those are the CopperTech PressurePro, the GoWISE USA Electric Copper Pressure Cooker, and the Tristar Power Cooker Plus. The copper pressure cooker with the highest rating is the Tristar Power Cooker Plus, but the CopperTech PressurePro has quite a reputation because of the PessurePro brand.

When you look for a copper pressure cooker, pay attention to whether the copper is on the inner pot or if it is a decoration on the exterior of the pressure cooker. The copper should line the outer surface of the inner pot.

10-in-1 CopperTech PressurePro 6 Quart Programmable Pressure Cooker Review

10 in 1 coppertech pressurepro 6 quart programmable pressure cooker review

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Rating: 4 out of 5

PressurePro pressure cookers do not usually have many problems. Sometimes quality is an issue, but they produce great pieces of cookware.

The PressurePro CopperTech pressure cooker only has one central issue, and that is with the non-stick coating on the inner pot. Although it is copper, it starts to scratch off easily from using it constantly. It will not flake off into your food, but it could cause weird heat spots on the bottom of the pot, and it may look bad anytime you see it.

The handle on the pressure cooker lid is comfortable and allows you to open and shut it for cooking, easily.

Some pressure cookers are hard to close because the lid must line up perfectly with the pot, but the PressurePro CopperTech has a cover that fits smoothly over the base of the cooker.


  • The inner pot is non-stick.
  • Program settings include a “One Touch Pre-Programmed Button” that allows you to quickly and easily change the temperature and pressure.
  • It has a warming function.
  • One of its 10-in-1 functions is rice cooking; it eliminates the need to own a rice cooker appliance in your kitchen.


  • The non-stick lining on the inner pot is thin and starts to scratch off with constant use.
  • The lid gaskets tend to wear out.

GoWISE USA 8 Quart 12-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker Copper Review

gowise usa 8 quart 12 in 1 electric pressure cooker copper

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Rating: 3.8 out of 5

GoWISE is a lesser-known pressure cooker brand, but it is a smart choice, especially for people who are just beginning to learn how to pressure cook.

Many people have complained about power issues.

In a situation where power problems occur, you can return the pressure cooker for a new one since the problem was not caused by misuse.

Typically, online retailers, like Amazon, have an easy return policy for products like this. You can also contact the manufacturer directly for the details of the product warranty.

The GoWISE copper pressure cooker has many customizable settings as well as preset options; you can adjust the time and pressure level. It also gives you the ability to set a delayed start or slow cook rather than pressure cook.

Cleaning this pressure cooker is pretty straightforward since the inner pot slides right out of the cooker base, but remember to be careful not to lose the floater seal since it tends to fall off during cleaning.


  • It has some unique cooking preset buttons for making eggs, yogurt, or risotto, along with many other options for everyday foods.
  • The lid is stainless steel.
  • It comes with a measuring cup, spoon, stainless steel rack, and basket.
  • The inner pot is ceramic copper.
  • Includes a recipe book with 50 recipes.


  • The floater seal comes off easily while cleaning and is easily lost.
  • Occasional power issues are common.

Tristar 8 Quart Power Cooker Plus Copper Pressure Cooker Reviews

tristar 8 quart power cooker plus copper pressure cooker

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Rating: 4.7 out of 5

This Tristar Power Cooker Plus Pressure Cooker creates tasty food very quickly, and the settings are simple even for the most amateur or inexperienced cooker.

There should be no problems when you use this pressure cooker. Although, if it does have a malfunction, it is hard to find replacement parts.


  • The pressure cooker has several easy-to-use cooking preset buttons for different types of foods.
  • 8 quarts is an ideal size for a medium to large-sized family or about six people.
  • The removable inner pot is dishwasher safe.
  • The lid seals air-tight and locks into place.


  • It is hard to find replacement parts for this pressure cooker. If you need a part, you may contact the manufacturer, but you will likely have to use the warranty to receive a new pressure cooker rather than a replacement part.

Copper Pressure Cooker Benefits

If you feel hesitant about using copper cookware, you should not.

Real copper does have some minimal toxins in it, but typically, cooking supplies have copper that lines the pot to help the food cook more evenly but does not touch the food directly.

Copper pressure cookers have a thin coating of copper on the outside of the inner pot, and either aluminum, ceramic, or stainless steel on the inside.

If it looks like the inside of the inner pot is also copper, it probably is a mixture of metals that is safe, or it is just not real copper, but rather, copper-colored steel.

How to Clean Copper Pressure Cooker

Be gentle when you clean your copper pressure cooker. Your biggest concern is to keep the copper finish looking brand new.

When you clean any cookware that is copper, if you scrub it with steel wool or a significantly rough surface, you will irreversibly damage the copper finish.

You should not use harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners, but you can use an anti-tarnish cream.

Some copper pressure cookers say the inner pot is dishwasher safe, which is okay, just put it on a low dishwasher setting if you have one and do not overdo it on the soap.

Best Copper Pressure Cooker

The best copper pressure cooker is the Tristar Power Cooker Plus Pressure Cooker. Besides the Tristar, you might consider a few other options which we went through and examined in these copper pressure cooker reviews. Take these reviews and information in mind for when you make a decision.

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I bought my Copper Chef Pressure Pro two years ago. I used it a few times and wasn’t overly impressed. I’ve pulled it out of the pantry again to try cooking rice. I ran the rice program twice and ended up with hot hard rice. Are there better directions for this appliance? Better recipes?

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