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Aluminum Pressure Cooker Reviews

Have you noticed that pressure cookers are very popular? Why is this? Because they can cook food fast! Pressure cookers utilize steam to get the great cooking results, plus your food is cooked more evenly, this can’t be said for other cooking methods. Pressure cookers that are made from aluminum are affordable and lightweight, unlike stainless steel cookers. If you are looking to discover the perks of having a pressure cooker, then it’s important that you know which the best ones on the market are.

Everybody desires to own an effective, durable, and good appliance for your kitchen that allows them to master, making the perfectly cooked meal easily. With this in mind, you probably know there are several pressure cookers on the market, and it’s very important that you do some research before investing your hard-earned money on a pressure cooker.

In this article, we’re going to go over some of the best aluminum pressure cookers that you can find today!

IMUSA USA A417-80801W

imusa usa a417 80801w

This pressure cooker is an incredible stovetop pressure cooker and is made by a reputable company. It’s made from aluminum and comes with two cool-to-the-touch spots on the lid and two cool-touch handles. The handles and the touch spot are insulators against the heat that comes from this pressure cooker. This feature makes it so that this cooker can be opened and moved while it’s hot. You’ll also find that the IMUSA has a safety locking lid that makes it so that your cooker will build-up pressure faster so you can cook your food quickly.


  • Cool-touch handle and spot
  • Safety locking lid
  • Builds pressure fast
  • Lightweight and affordable


  • This pot releases steam continuously during the cooking process

Granite Ware 0730-2

granite ware 0730 2

This is an amazing pressure cooker which also works as a steamer and canner. This cooker is constructed from hard anodized (heavy gauge) aluminum, to provide increased durability over regular aluminum. Plus, it ensures that your pressure cooker won’t rust, even after using it for years. This pressure cooker has two cool-to-the-touch handles and also has cool-to-the-touch spots located on its lid.

The Granite Ware 0730-2 is a pressure cooker with a capacity of 20 quarts, which is perfect for large families or large-scale canning. Overall, this steamer/canner/cooker offers excellent features for the price that you pay, because it gives you three functions in one pressure cooker, making this perfect for any large family.


  • Works well as a steamer, pressure cooker, and canner
  • Made from heavy gauge
  • Perfect for large families
  • Durable


  • This pressure cooker can turn into a rust discoloration color due to the jiggler

Presto 01241

presto 01241

This pressure cooker has been sold for years and has proven to be an excellent pressure cooker. The design is very simple, and that hasn’t changed much in years. It’s made from anodized aluminum, ensuring even and quick heating while also providing durability. Moreover, it comes with a cool-to-the-touch handle and one cool-to-the-touch spot on its lid. Plus, the Presto 01241 can cook food up to ten times faster than other cooking methods.

Another amazing feature about this pressure cooker is that the steam release valve can be set off if the pressure builds up to dangerous levels. Plus, this cooker can automatically ensure the right cooking pressure and has a cooking rack, and a recipe book included.


  • Simple design
  • Made from heavy-gauge aluminum
  • Cool touch handle and spot on the lid
  • Able to cook food up to ten times faster than normal cooking methods


  • You have to assemble the handle by yourself when you get your pressure cooker

21 ½ -quart All American Pressure Cooker

21 ½  quart all american pressure cooker

The All American pressure cooker is made from hand-cast aluminum, which gives it an attractive satin finish that is a breeze to clean. This pressure cooker has one cool-to-the-touch handle that you can find on its lid. This pressure cooker has a large capacity for both canning and pressure cooking – it can hold 7-quart jars. It also comes with an automatic over-pressure release system and an easily deciphered geared steam gauge.

This cooker is unique because of the steam gauge because it makes it simple to find the pressure level and temperature being applied to your food at any time. Plus, this cooker is designed to be incredibly durable and will last you for years!


  • Large size
  • Works well as a canner and pressure cooker
  • Designed to be durable


  • There are some reports that the lid doesn’t fit

Mirro 92122A

mirro 92122a

This pressure cooker is made from heavy-gauge aluminum that is designed to be rustproof. This canner/cooker has two cool-to-the-touch handles on the sides, making it so you can easily and safely move this cooker. The Mirro is great for large families because it’s 22-quarts. The Mirro pressure cooker also has a pressure control system that allows for three levels of operation. It also comes with amazing safety features, including a sure-lock lid, side mounted gasket pressure release and a reusable over-pressure plug.

Despite coming in such a large size, this pressure cooker is extremely lightweight, making it simple to move it around your kitchen counters. The polished aluminum also makes this cooker extremely simple to clean.


  • Extremely lightweight
  • Easy to clean
  • Cool touch handles
  • Great unit for large families


  • It can be difficult to get this pressure cooker to seal properly

Final Thoughts

After reading over the best aluminum pressure cookers on the market today, you should be feeling better about what to look for in an aluminum pressure cooker and what some of the best models are. If you haven’t been using an aluminum pressure cooker, you should consider using one because it comes with many advantages over other types of pressure cookers. Once you find the aluminum pressure cooker that best fits your needs, you’ll find that your cooking becomes faster, easier, and more effective.

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