All American 921 Pressure Cooker/Canner Review (MUST READ)
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All American 921 Review

Best Features

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  • 21.5 Quart Capacity. Holds 19 pint jars or 7 quart jars
  • Stainless Steel Steaming Rack. I don’t have to worry about burning my hands and food that is supposed to stay separate while cooking
  • 10 Safety Features. At first that I wondered if all were necessary but then I went to a friends and she had a regular pressure cooker. Every time it made a sound, she looked so jumpy.

All American 921 Product Overview

Made precisely to serve a singular purpose, the All American 921 Pressure Cooker is made exclusively for canning and can accommodate over seven quart sized jars or 19 pint sized jars inside its massive 21 and half quart spacious container.

This canner is built like a tank. If you are looking for a traditional pressure cooker and have the budget (see lowest price) for the best on the planet, the All American pressure canner is for you!

The All American 921 was made with the highest durability in mind with hand cast aluminum. It is finished externally in a beautiful satin or glossy lamination. This canning pressure cooker does not use gaskets or rubber to seal the pressure inside; it rather relies on metal-to-metal sealing with high gauge screws.

Other features of the 921 pressure cooker include its changeable settings of 5, 10 and 15 psi, geared steam pressure gauge, and auto pressure release regulator. This canning pressure cooker is completely made in the USA and adheres to all strict industry standards.

The All American 921 is different from any other canner/cooker because of the metal to metal seal. This feature removes the need for a lid gasket while still managing to be an incredibly accurate and successful cooker and canner combination.

Reading the gauge is easy, not that you need to read it as the 921 is built for ease of use. It automatically lowers the pressure whenever it gets too high and has default pressure level settings of 5 psi, 10 psi and 15 psi or 135.8, 170.3 and 204.7k Pa.

The All American 921 is made of heavy duty cast aluminum for an even and fast method of cooking and canning. It also makes use of features such as a safety control valve, overpressure plug, and ‘stay-cool Bakelite’ top handle to ensure that you get the safest and most enjoyable and lucrative response from the pressure cooker/canner possible.

We have consistently heard positive feedback from consumers who have had experience with the All American 921; therefore, we wanted to test it for ourselves.

Read on to see what we thought during testing.

Our All American Pressure Canner & Cooker Review

We were expecting a serious work of engineering when we ordered the All American 921 because of its made in Wisconsin tag, considering how some of the best pressure cookers over the last half century have come out from companies that have foundries in Wisconsin. Well, our wait was well worth it as this canning pressure cooker was just amazing. Everything about this canner screams out quality.

The first day we tried out the canner, we felt that it was rather heavy. It came in at about 20 pounds when not loaded but that also said a lot about its sturdy and durable construction. At 21 and half quarts with its aluminum body, it's not as heavy as you would expect but just heavy enough that you can feel safe standing around it when it's at high pressure.

We read the instruction manual and found it could take 19 pint cans or seven quart cans and so naturally we felt obliged to try out its capacity. First experiment was with steaming and canning vegetables, of which we managed to fit in roughly 17 pint cans together. So, it actually is very spacious and easy to fill up; however, once it is full, it becomes increasingly difficult and heavy to handle. It took two of us to get the appliance onto the stovetop because of the weight.

Closing the lid was not at all hard either. All you do is fill in the requisite water and then shut the lid on top using the easy tightening screws to get it to close down as tightly as possible. Without any gaskets, we really never needed to worry about finding any replacement parts for the All American 921.

The pressure gauge works great and that too seems to have no gaskets or evident replacement parts. We think that with this canner, we might have to change the pressure gauge once every five years or so, otherwise it's made to last over couple of generations.

The 921 also encourages me to eat more healthily as money is less of an object. I’m maximizing how far each piece of food will take me. I found myself jotting down meal ideas and the pressure cooker has introduced me to a new way of looking at dinner-time.

Now, not only do I have fresh, hot, hearty and healthy food whenever I come to eat, but I also have cold and just as healthy canned food that I can use for lunches or to store for winter. I can even cater to my parents’ raw food diet as I now have plenty of salad and veggies in my pantry.

What I particularly love about the All American 921 is its high quality cast aluminum build though, you should be warned at 20lbs empty, it’s not for everyone. It heats up evenly and also more quickly than some other larger sizes, and my meals are cooked within an hour.

When it comes to canning, it does not take long to reach the desired pressure in this gadget at all either. The 921 is a dependable appliance that has not let me down once in the six years I have been using it; although, I have found that you have to keep reapplying petroleum jelly before use after all these years to help prevent steam leakage.

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  • It is extremely easy to operate
  • Durable build and heats food evenly
  • 21.5 quart capacity so it is ideal for larger families
  • Includes the canning racks
  • Three default pressure level settings
  • Metal to metal sealing mechanism for safety
  • Geared pressure gauge and doesn't need a gasket
  • Automatic over pressure release


  • Very heavy build especially when full
  • Not recommended for use on ceramic or glass top ranges
  • May take a while for the appliance to heat up and cool down

My Conclusion

Quite simply speaking, the All American 921 does not appear to be as tech savvy as the newer generations of pressure cooker/canners and it may be missing out on some of the more modern bells and whistles, but its performance, build quality, and overall zero maintenance makes it an excellent choice for us.

We found that the pressure cooker cleans up easily after use by just letting it steam up a little with clean and hot water and then wiping it clean using a dry cloth. Simply clean the pressure cooker with warm soapy water and make sure all the components are dry before storing. It is not recommended that you place this device in the dishwasher because it is not dishwasher safe.

Unfortunately, the cooker has been so enticing to try out with jams, pickles, jellies and canning in general that we really have not gotten around to trying out its pressure cooking abilities. However, since it does such a great job with canning, we feel that it will also do as well, if not better, for pressure cooking.

It is the best model for canning due to its larger capacity that you can't find with most other pressure cooker models that are currently available. It has the ability to cook and can large quantities of food. However, to take advantage of the many benefits that this pressure cooker model has to offer, you need to become comfortable with the higher price tag you may find as well as the size and weight of the device.

This particular model is a very good tool to have in your kitchen as it enables you to combine the two processes of canning and pressure cooking with little oil to preserve and eat the best and healthiest food while it’s still in the optimal condition for gaining all of the nutrients, minerals and vitamins that your body needs.

Since I’ve gotten it, I couldn’t be more satisfied every time I go back to my canned goods or get to enjoy a fresh, home-cooked meal.

All American 921 Review
  • Quality of Cooking
  • Affordability
  • Safety
  • Operating Temperatures
  • Features


The All American 921 has firmly become established as our favorite pressure cooker and rightfully so. It ticks all of the boxes that we look for in a great pressure cooker. The 921 is perfect for both consumers and commercial usage, and we find that it excels best when used regularly (daily).

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Charles Nordin says February 3, 2017

You are so right about the 921 All American. My mother bought one in the early 80’s and my wife and I can in the same uniit now. It’s great and uses so little energy (gas stove top). We love it.

Pat says March 3, 2019

Can I use it to pressure fry/broast chicken?

    Elizabeth says March 4, 2019

    Because this is a manual pressure cooker, you probably can. But as far as I know there are no electric pressure cookers that can do pressure frying. So for anybody who reads this and has an electric pressure cooker, don’t try this!

    Still, it is not usually recommended to fry in any pressure cooker, so don’t say I said you should do it! 😉

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